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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Wajid

Pakistan has traditional culture of thousands  years. People has cast system and prefer to marriage in cast. consanguineous marriages arise multiple health issues including unusual high number of genetic mutations which leads to disabilities in children. According to genetic mutation reports of Pakistan in 2017, more than 1,000 mutations have been reported in 130 different kinds of genetic disorders in Pakistan. Therefore, this lab aimed to report novel mutations in skin, skeleton, neural, Muscular and eye genetic disorders. We also aimed for the genetic Counseling of  affected  families to manage the disorders and measures to prevent in the future.

Our Vision

  • To Educate the Pakistani families related to the genetic disorders
  • Genetic Counselling of affected families for management and prevention of human genetic disorders
  • Identify novel mutations in Pakistani families.
  • In Slico analysis of find mutations 

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify the novel mutations in Pakistani population and study in depth the deleterious effects of these mutation. We aimed to prevent the genetic mutations at gross root level by genetic counselling.

Contact Us

2 KM Multan Road Renala Khurd By Pass, Okara-Pakistan.

Phone: +92-321-4077320

Email: samiikhan@uo.edu.pk