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Applied Zoology

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Nano Biomaterials synthesis

The nanostructured biomaterials find its importance in the field of biology. The materials are developed according to body systems where it can intact with biological systems or phenomenon. This interaction can be both positive or negative which means it is either beneficial for biological systems or cause toxicity. Recently, Nanotechnology provides a better platform to create a lot of important novel materials for drugs delivery, cancer cells inhibitions and as biosensors. This lab aims to synthesized nano-based structures for various biological applications.

Stress Physiology

‘Stress’ is known to everyone. Physiological stress is any external or internal condition that challenges the homeostasis of a cell or an organism. It can be environmental and intrinsic. All living organisms are challenged by changes in the environment such as fluctuations in oxygen levels, temperature, and redox state. These stressors trigger molecular events that enable them to cope with specific stress conditions. Therefore this lab aimed to study the stress responses of model organisms in environmental stressors under specific conditions